Landleben„I’m a country-girl”, Daphne Schreier will simply say if asked how it feels to live in tiny picturesque Wall (part of the Bavarian town of Warngau). But that’s only half the truth. As the mother of two did not simply change her place of residency but left her home country and her whole family to create her own family in Wall of all places. Born and raised in rural California, Daphne met her future husband Wolfgang while travelling the Camino de Santiago (Jakobsweg). The two quickly fell in love and after mutual visits and a year of living together in the US decided to return to Germany where they now have settled in Wolfgang’s hometown Wall. The lively, charismatic Nurse Practitioner does not fit into the typical American cliché. I met the mother of two beautiful girls under three years of age through a mutual friend. In today’s „Mein Landleben”-interview, English edition, Daphne reveals why she dreams about an open-air movie theater and Raisin Bran cereal. (mehr …)